Antrorse Corporation


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  • Form Fill up.
  • Registration Fees Payment.
  • Short listing of Candidates according to %, Qualification, Domicile in one click.
  • Sending Mail / SMS to short listed candidates.
  • Announcing selected candidate’s details.
  • List of candidates got admission.


  • Collection Of all types of fees.
  • Sending Mail/SMS to defaulter parents.
  • Mailing any changes in fees structure.
  • Getting details of fees paid.


  • Subject wise attendance.
  • Teachers can send mail to parents if any shortage of attendance.
  • Parents can log in and see the detailed attendance of their child.
  • Admin can keep an eye of the attendance of Students as well as staffs.


  • All types of events.
  • Track in holidays.
  • Exam Details.
  • Automatic mailer to parents regarding Exam notification.


  • Exam Timetable
  • Results
  • Syllabus
  • Notes
  • Ranking details


  • Feedback and complain
  • Teachers can send mail directly to parents for any complains.
  • Bulk mailing for more then group candidates.
  • Parents can mail directly to principal, Trustee, Teachers.


  • Class Test
  • Yearly Exams
  • Final Exams
  • Ranking Details

Higher Education

  • Form Details for Entrance Exams.
  • Admission Guidance for Admission Globally.
  • Details of all types of courses.
  • Results announcements for all entrance exams.


  • Apply for Jobs matching your students profile.
  • All jobs available globally which matching student’s profile will be visible.
  • Companies can see the details of students studying.
  • Companies can call the candidates for interviews.
  • Companies and even conform for campus drives.


  • Managing all modules.
  • See the actions taken by any staff members.
  • Mail and SMS according to the ease.
  • Add or restrict from the services to any user.
  • Keep the track of financial and other commitments.


  • Maintain attendance of students.
  • Upload notes.
  • Contact parents of all students.
  • Bulk Mailing and Massaging.
  • Apply for Leave.
  • See salary details.


  • See individual child’s attendance.
  • Teacher’s Feed back.
  • Child’s results.
  • Complain to teachers.
  • Complain to principal.
  • Complain to trustee or higher authorities.
  • Pay Fees.


  • Download Notes.
  • View class time table.
  • View exam dates and time.

Why to take

  • Reduce Manpower.
  • Fast results.
  • Reduce the distance between parents and teachers.
  • High placement.
  • Gear up with Technology.
  • Global visibility.


Delivery of the product will take 90 working days from the day of booking.